Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic Pool Cleaners

One thing is for sure, Dolphin robotic pool cleaners are built for excellence. These robotic pool cleaners deep clean and scrub with superior reach and filtration capabilities, getting dirt, grime and debris. Dolphin robotic pool cleaners make cleaning easy and are perfect for any pool.

Dolphin Active 10

The Active 10 was designed to clean above ground pools, effortlessly. With superior filtering and floor scrubbing capabilities, you can relax knowing your pool will be sparkling clean and free of debris.

Dolphin Active 20

The Active 20 has superior filtering capabilities and intense scrubbing power. As an equal opportunity cleaner, this robot is a truly smart solution for all pool types; from gunite to tile and everything in between.

Dolphin Active 30

Effortless pool cleaning. The Active 30 delivers an uncompromised clean with intense scrubbing and filtering. Schedule cleanings, cycle options, and spot clean using the new MyDolphin App.

Dolphin Active 40i

Enjoy hands-off cleaning. This Wi-Fi connected cleaner is loaded with advanced cleaning features for customizable pool cleaning from the palm of your hand. Get a worry free clean from anywhere, anytime.

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