How to Use Salt Water System


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Step 1: Test Fill Water

Ensure fill water is free of metals, phosphates and high calcium before getting started 24 hours in advanced. Consult your dealer on how to bring these levels within the recommended ranges.

Step 2: Fill Your Spa

Make sure your hot tub is turned off or unplugged. Check your Owner’s Manual for this information.

Insert your Salt System Water cartridge.

Fill your spa through the stand pipe with your garden hose until the water is 1 inch above the highest jet. Consult your Owner’s Manual to power on your hot tub.

Step 3: Balance Water

Use the 5-Way Test strips to test the pH, alkalinity and calcium harness levels. Refer to your hot tub Owner’s Manual for detailed instructions on how to balance the water.

Step 4: Add Salt

Check your Owner’s Manual for the water capacity and the salt bag to determine how much salt you need. Then, add the salt into the filter compartment with the jets running.

Use the FreshWater test strips in your start up kit to measure the salt level. The Recommended salt level should be 1750 ppm. Add more salt as needed but do not exceed the 1750 ppm of salt.

Step 5: Sanitize Fill Water

Refer to the dosage instructions on the chlorine bottle and add chlorine to the filter compartment. Allow the chlorine to circulate through the jets for 5 minutes.

Measure your chlorine level with a new 5-Way Test Strip. Your chlorine target should be 5 ppm. If it is less, repeat the process.

Step 6: Soften Water

The desired calcium level is 50 ppm. If it is above 70 ppm, you need to use the Vanishing Act pillow. Wait 24 hours to check your water after use. If the calcium level is still above 70 ppm, you need to repeat the process again. 

Step 7: Set Output Level

Activate the salt system by navigating to the water care menu on your control panel. Set the salt system output to the recommended level indicated in the FreshWater Salt System Owner’s manual. Check the water for the chlorine level to ensure a level of a least 3 ppm has been maintained in the last 24 hours. Repeat chlorine and boost process as needed.


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